After flying back from Peru one of my besties decided to treat me to a post birthday lunch at Bluebird restaurant today. As part of the bluebirds 20th birthday next year the restaurant re-designed the first floor restaurant and bar, as well as giving the menu a lift thanks to new Executive Head Chef Liam Smith-Laing. The dishes are inspired by Modern European cooking and feature simple, fresh and honest ingredients. 

We both opted for different choices. I chose a dish from the brunch menu, my friend chose the carpaccio board... Something I have never tried as I am a pescetarian but was told was absolutely fantastic and proved to be a popular choice with other people who sat nearby to us in the restaurant. The menu had lots of yummy choices, so it took me a while to decide what to go for but I ended up choosing the sweet potato hash with cavil nero and poached eggs (defiantly one I will be trying at home). 

Despite the meal being quite simplistic it was delicious! 

The dish showcased the fresh ingredients for what they were, whilst contributing to the overall taste with the use of a flavoursome cooking oil and soft nutty tone produced from the roasted sesame seeds. We decided to share the naughtiest pudding we could find... Not totally sure of the name but I think it was a chocolate souffle accompanied with a little pot of ice-cream. (It was so good that there is no picture, blogging was a after thought when it came to this dish). We washed our meals down with bloody mary for my friend and prosseco for myself. We are looking forward to our next visit where we will be ordering a few more dishes and indulging with a few cocktails.