It's such a shame that I haven't got lots of photographs of this beautiful restaurant or any of the other dishes, as this restaurant is one of the most aesthetically pleasing places I've seen in a while. But I was so impressed by our visit that I thought I'd post this half incomplete and then update it when I visit again. 

When visiting Clipstone I was treated to a airy, clean, open space, that reflected the sunlight pouring through the large windows. White walls finished with wooden cladding and shiny tiles, all perfectly contrasted with the natural wooden textures and brass metal finishings scattered through out the intimate space .

The restaurant interiors reminded me of the pages of kinfolk magazine and showcased simplistic interiors such as hand written back boards showcasing the menu highlights, old fashioned school like wooden chairs and wooden cubby holes home to highly shinned glasses and classic porcelains.

The bar area is a interesting visual point, playing host to a range of international bottled wines, a large collection of tall glass water bottles and two oversized carafes which I would love to have in my own kitchen.

On the other side of the restaurant stands the open kitchen, occupied by a handful of young talented chefs all working together in unison to bring hungry guests delectable dishes. 

The dining experience was second to none, with waiting staff taking customer service to the next level, suggesting dishes that would suit each of us along with being only a second away to top up drinks and be of service. Ever so attentive!

Despite being a pescatarian I am able to appreciate a good meat dish and have a good understanding of what goes into making one that is not only pleasing to the eye but holds many flavours, and highlights the meats true taste for what it really is.  

My friends a big meat eater andwas keen to try the open sandwich of ox tongue pastrami, pickled cornichons & mustard along with the tartare of fallow deer, preserved redcurrant, raddichio & pecorino for brunch. Needless to say it was polished off in no time at all.... I apologise again for no pictures. My brunch choice was the smoked scrambled eggs, wild mushrooms & toast, sooo yummy.

I will be returning to Clipstone, not just to complete this blog post but actually because of the eclectic diverse menu which I would love to further delve into.