I have always remembered espadrilles being one of the most unsightly shoes available to women.

A hoof like silhouette, cheap Raffia woven sole and old-fashioned thick cotton ties

that would make anyone look like they had candles.

But here come the luxe espadrilles...

& yes it has made me re-evaluate my hatred for this particular shoe

and actually welcome it into my shoe collection.

This season we are treated to leather, studs, lace, satin and other luxurious fabrics and finishings

now revamping this once hideous design into a contemporary and exciting shoe .

Obviously the new look isn't just down to the few new finishing.

We can see a redesign of silhouette along with the switch up of fabric ratio and banishing of the terrible thick ties.

The sole steps away from what was a matted mess and take on a cleaner weave which is commonly more thinner.

 Or is much thicker to embrace the platform trend.

I personally love the use of metal and find featuring it on this design

gives it a nice step up from what was actually a very very casual shoe.