Weekend home comforts 

It really does comes down to the little things making your home the perfect relaxation space for those rare opportunities when you can forgot everything that is going on and relax in your own living space.

So I thought I'd share a few new homey highlights that have recently occupied my flat


Kinda of trendy in the florist world at the moment. Very simple, very elegant and the perfect green touch for those who like the minimalist look within their home. Regardless of whether it's one stem or a small bunch of eucalyptus this leaf is the easiest thing to look after (just change the water every three days) and looks fantastic in a half filled rounded vase or bowl of water or on the other side of the scale a tall round vase if you want to create height. Here's a link for some beautiful Eucalyptus that can be delivered to your door


I love my magazines and kinfolk is a favourite of mine! So many inspirational ideas for outfits, interiors and generally lovely imagery and interesting text. It also makes the perfect coffee table read for visitors.


This is one of my favourite candle company's as they last for a good few weeks and always smell fantastic from the first day to the last! So I treated myself to the Figuier at the start of the year however I haven't lit it until now. Its a new scent for me and funny enough it works well with the season we are now in as the aromas are ever so warm and summery with tones of fresh fig leaves and bark that really took me to a peaceful place!


I love a good Movie night and when I get the chance to put one on, Tarantino films are always a top pick for me. This weekend I dusted off Death proof opened a bottle of wine and made some quick mini canapés for my friends and I to enjoy


I'm not a big fan of white wine (more of a red girl) however i came across New Zealands The Yealands Sauvignon Blanc from there Estate Land Made Series during a wine tasting at work that I took a fancy to. 

Tasting notes: Green light, crisp, and full of flavour

My friend popped over for a catch up in the week and It was the perfect option to compliment the spring sunshine and warmth outside in the garden