I had been previously been told about Ergon and the fabulous Greek goodies they serve up in their restaurant and boutique shop come deli so it was on my top do list while is was on holiday in Skiathos

I was excited to try their freshly baked produce all laid out beautifully just like a classic Greek family spread and also look forward to browsing through all the Greek products dressed in funky illustrated packaging, so when I spotted it on our shopping spree I ran in leaving the rest of the group behind

Everyone was really friendly in the shop and were more than happy to give us information about the products and a little background into the location they were sourced. The Skiathos Ergon sits among eight other locations in Greece, Thessaloniki being the flag ship deli and their first Restaurant opened located at Sani Resort Marina in Kassandra, Halkidiki. I only found out upon arriving in London that they have a few other locations worldwide and most importantly one in Mayfair!! I will be visiting soon to restock on my Greek goodies