Last night I visited Chicama located at the end of The Kings Road opposite Worlds End. The restaurant serves authentic Peruvian food inspired by traditional and foodie favourites commonly found along the beautiful coast of Peru. So to have this restaurant in the heart of London is a real treat! If you'd like to visit the restaurant you'll need to book ahead as the restaurant can get ever so busy. When we arrived we were seated at the kitchen bar, took a look at the menu and ordered our drinks while we waited for our table.

The menu consists a number of small fish and vegetable Peruvian dishes along with bigger fish dishes. Chicama fish are freshly caught everyday from Cornwall and you really can tell the difference. Each dish is properly seasoned and beautifully plated with pretty garnishes and tasty dressings. The market fish of the day options are served with three optional sauces from avocado & jalapeño to ají panca sauce. My favourite dish (apart from my grilled bass main) was Tapioca Marshmallow complimented with spots of ocopa sauce - simply delicious! 

Chicama is such an aesthetically beautiful place and features lots of current interior trends from shinny brass fixtures to light pink velvet seating. However traditional interiors can be seen like their tiled star patterned flooring, light marbled tables and scattering of leafy plants. 

Whilst we were sat at the kitchen bar we were able to really appreciate the care and passion that goes into each plate they turn out, from the precise sprinkling of spices and lots of intensive gazing at food whilst on the fire.

This is a restaurant I will be visiting again, soon. From seeing different dishes whizzing pass my table and peeping onto neighbouring tables, there are clearly many more delights to try. Chicama is the perfect place to sit with a large glass of white and a few of your closet friends out on the outside dining areawith several sharing plates... because they do say sharing is caring!