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Easy mornings

Mornings are so important and when living in london its so easy to rush the time away! A good sleep and chilled morning routine can really set you up for a amazing day!

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Last Thursday I stayed in central with my friends, drinking, eating and laughing into the night. When morning came we slowly got ready and enjoyed a healthy yet indulgent breakfast. Mine was scrambled tofu, spinach and mushrooms… It helps when your friends a chef!

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Not something I normally do but I took some loved the special things around my friends flat like these beautiful herringbone cotton guest towels from Fog Linen Work, marvis tooth paste and skin brush so I took some snaps. (praise when praise is due!)

I find that interior/ outfit and product shots are always best at the start of the day with the morning light pepping through the windows along with the natural shadows as the clouds past by!

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This year I didn’t have time to make my presents look extra special however I used ribbons and cute tags with paper (all recyclable). This was my present from my friend which featured a eucalyptus leaf leaf and a photography taken on a trip aboard, simplitisc but very cute. What was inside was even better, a hand knitted fishermans knit!

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BABA Edinburgh

Last weekend I visited Edinburgh for the first time in years and ended up visiting BABA for a quick lunch. I'm such a fan of Mezze dining, being able to pick and choose different dishes without the fear of busting your gut at the end of the meal!

Another big pro to choosing mezze dining is if you are vegetarian or vegan eater Middle Eastern food will always provide serval dishes that meet your dietary requirements. 

We didn't book a table in advance... despite it being an Easter holiday (silly I know) so we were ever so lucky to be seated at the large sharing table. After ordering our delicious cocktails we worked our way through the Levant inspired menu and placed our order. The dishes were served individually from the kitchen when they were ready. It was interesting to see what the other people on the large table had ordered along with seeing their intrigued faces as our dishes were placed in front of us.

Each dish was fresh and full of flavour! Looking back most mezze dishes I have had in the past are served as tiny portions however our quick lunch turned out to be a fully satisfying meal that kept us going whilst we explored the rest of Edinburgh city centre.

What I had

  1. Grilled pitta with tahini and spicy tomatoes dip
  2. Cauliflower fritters with zhug and crème fraîche (without the crème fraîche for vegans)
  3. Beetroot hummus with hazelnut dukkah
  4. Baked sweet potato and zhug
Five north street restaurant

I was very lucky to get a table at five north street restaurant last weekend, as the table enquiry was last minute and they are known to fill their 7 table restaurant very quickly. Leading up to this dining experience, I had mentioned the restaurants name in conversation and had only heard good things about the food and atmosphere I was to experience.

The restaurant is located on north street (funny that), small in size but warm and homely with a cosy and family like atmosphere. This is also partially influenced by the fact that the restaurant is owed by  husband and wife Gus and Kate who keep a tight knit team within the restaurant. 

Trained and highly praised by Michel Roux Snr, Gus reveals his talents through every part of his menu with an undoubtable love and artistic fair for gastronomy. As I am still on the vegan train, I rang prior to the sitting and asked whether they could provide something that was suitable. They were more than happy to provide me with a vegan choice and even ensured I would even have options (this doesn’t always happen so I appreciate it whenever it arises).

Our table opted for the seven course menu and mine was no less tasty or interesting than every other plate that hit the table. My dish highlight would have to be the superb risotto which I had as a main. Unlike any other risotto I have had or probably ever will encounter! In simplistic words my risotto was popping! Such a variety of flavours and cooking techniques in one bowl. My aim was not to choke myself as I devoured every grain along with the delicious tang of fresh and vibrant vegetables. Needless to say I had to share my dish to get across the heightened reaction to the dish that was in front of me!

The next time I’m in the Cotswolds, I for sure will make a point to go and visit again, regardless how far I have to travel.

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Forgotten post whoops! I have lots of posts on drafts and this was one of them... However Rabbit is unforgettable. Located on Kings road in Chelsea Rabbit is the second restaurant from the Gladwin brothers after the hugely successful Shed restaurant in Notting Hill. Rabbit sees seasonal food that has been sustainably sourced... mainly from their family farm in Nutbourne, West Sussex. Perfect! 

The table highlight for me was the Grilled Harissa Aubergine with Sunflower seed butter, garden herbs and cinnamon dukkh, such a delicious dish, so flavoursome!!

This is the perfect restaurant for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters! Rarely you can eat out knowing that everything on your plate is fresh and sustainably sourced with talented chefs and hands on owners that care about wild British food


*Rabbit cater to vegans, best to ring before hand to enquire about menu choices

Pea & Coconut Soup

If you read my Summer pretences post you will remember me talking about those chilly summer nights. So today I Decided to visit the local farmers stall and create a summer Inspired soup. Pea Kale and Coconut soup, yummy. This dish can also be thickened up and eaten as a thick and creamy dip (hummus like) with crusty bread as a BBQ starter.

Serves 4

  • 300 g of peas 
  • 150 ml coconut cream or milk
  • 1 small sweet onion, minced
  • 2 large courgettes

  • 1 celery stalk, finely chopped
  • 1 bunch of green scallions, chopped (green and white parts)

  • 1 bunch of fresh Coriander

  • 1 bunch of fresh basil

  • 1 bunch of fresh Coriander

  • 2 pinches of Sea salt and pepper
  • 1 green chilli (Only If you'd like a little warmth)
  • extra virgin olive oil to serve
  • Freshly ground pepper, to serve
  • Microgreens, to serve (to be fancy)


  1. Boil your peas into soft and drain
  2.  Work your peas into the coconut cream over a low heat, thickening up the mixture Until smooth.
  3. Fry your onions in a large hot pan, Until soft
  4. add your scallions, shallots, celery and fresh herbs salt and pepper stirring often, until ingredients have softened.
  5. Add your fried greens into your coconut cream and pea mixture making sure to keep the heat low as not to loosen the mixture (If the mixture becomes too thick add water)
  6. Serve Immediately and dress with group pepper a swirl of extra virgin olive oil and pretty micro greens 
Bright breakfast: Rye bread + Watermelon Radish

When i'm at home I find it hard not to snack on the naughty things in my kitchen so Ive recently been working on filling my fridge and cupboards with healthier options that can be easily be made into a variety of yummy snacks. So heres one...

1 Slice of Crunchy Rye Grain Bread

2 Tbsp Cottage Cheese. 

2 Pinches of Smoked Spices. 

2 Mini Watermelon Radish  

Smoked Garlic Marinated in Leoube Premium Olive oil