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What a find! As a vegan (pescatarian for 8 years prior) I have always looked to embark on a raw food diet. There are so many amazing benefits when eating raw however I have always struggles with the creativity side of it. So when I found this little gem I was not only excited but intrigued to see what was on the menu and taste the flavours and ingredient combos. In normally fashion I wanted to try a few things on the menu and I wasn’t disappointed by anything that was placed on the table. The restaurant is rather small a few sits upstairs and downstairs with a busy take away counter providing the neighbourhood with healthy juices and tasty snacks!

Menu highlights included the Cannelloni made with Cultured Cashew roasted vegetables with a spinach and thyme cheese. No meat feast Pizza made on the signature walnut and herb butter base with cultured cashew and chipotle cheese, aubergine bacon and portobello sausages.

If your thinking of exploring a healthier diet without sacrificing taste or raw gastronomic creativity, Nama is the place to visit.

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