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Bulgari London and Rivea London

Despite living in London I love a luxurious staycation and staying at the Bulgari hotel only fulled my obsession! Most things in knightsbridge are rather nice however this 5* hotel passed all my expectations, from the amazing customer service, delicious food and private in-house cinema! The hotel sits on the edge of Hyde Park corner featuring contemporary rooms and suites, a outstanding spa and gym and restaurant called Rivea London.

I have to mention the A La carte Menu by Alain Ducasse, beautiful dishes and at a very affordable price! We loved the breadsticks with homemade tasting dips, the Fennel and Grapefruit & Coco Bean and Sage dips were firm favourites! Who would of thought waiting on our starters would be such fun?! (If you go, try and guess the flavours without looking at the taste card!).

The fabulous dining room was designed by noted Italian architect and designer Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners.

Rivea London restaurant.png

I choose the TummyTonic which was comprised of almond milk, 18 Chocolate Pea Protein, Paleo Fiber, mint, flax seed, very yummy! I also had a few sips of my friends Tranquility shake which was made from almond milk, 18 Vanilla Pea Protein, magnesium, mint, avocado, lovely and refreshing especially after a good massage!

When choosing a hotel for a stayaction I also look for a room which will provide total comfort! The suite was the perfect treat with a spacious living space, sparkling bathroom with a tub and separate shower along with the option of 24/7 room service or personal butler! Everything a girl would want from a city stay and Bvlgari has it all!

Charlotte’s Bistro

After visiting Charlotte’s W5 for drinks and nibbles I was curious to visit another one of the groups restaurants. Charlotte’s Bistro is located at the heart of Chiswick providing award wining food to locals and foodie visitors from afar.

This intimate restaurant seats a small amount of guests making it the perfect place to retreat to for good food and wine after a busy day.

I’m a sucker for a restaurant that uses seasonal ingredients which always makes for a more interesting and fresh menu.

Chiswick bar review.jpg

First things first when visiting Charlotte’s Bistro do not, (I repeat) do not pass the bar without having at least one of their delicious cocktails! You can always tell what quality of cocktail you will receive by the selection of alcohol behind the bar, garnishes displayed and the bartenders face and attitude… Does he or she look excited, passionate and keen to showcase some skills? Well the bartender in Charlotte’s Bar was displaying all three attributes and I savoured every sip of my cocktail along with a few sips from my friends cocktails!

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Turnham Green restaurant.jpg

Despite not having any vegan options on the menu our waiter provided serval options after speaking with the chef. My rissioto was full of flavour and totally moreish!

As a vegan I would probably advise to ring up ahead of time to ask what can be offered but be assured that you will receive a beautiful meal due to the talented chefs and fresh and quality ingredients used for every dish!

BABA Edinburgh

Last weekend I visited Edinburgh for the first time in years and ended up visiting BABA for a quick lunch. I'm such a fan of Mezze dining, being able to pick and choose different dishes without the fear of busting your gut at the end of the meal!

Another big pro to choosing mezze dining is if you are vegetarian or vegan eater Middle Eastern food will always provide serval dishes that meet your dietary requirements. 

We didn't book a table in advance... despite it being an Easter holiday (silly I know) so we were ever so lucky to be seated at the large sharing table. After ordering our delicious cocktails we worked our way through the Levant inspired menu and placed our order. The dishes were served individually from the kitchen when they were ready. It was interesting to see what the other people on the large table had ordered along with seeing their intrigued faces as our dishes were placed in front of us.

Each dish was fresh and full of flavour! Looking back most mezze dishes I have had in the past are served as tiny portions however our quick lunch turned out to be a fully satisfying meal that kept us going whilst we explored the rest of Edinburgh city centre.

What I had

  1. Grilled pitta with tahini and spicy tomatoes dip
  2. Cauliflower fritters with zhug and crème fraîche (without the crème fraîche for vegans)
  3. Beetroot hummus with hazelnut dukkah
  4. Baked sweet potato and zhug

What a find! As a vegan (pescatarian for 8 years prior) I have always looked to embark on a raw food diet. There are so many amazing benefits when eating raw however I have always struggles with the creativity side of it. So when I found this little gem I was not only excited but intrigued to see what was on the menu and taste the flavours and ingredient combos. In normally fashion I wanted to try a few things on the menu and I wasn’t disappointed by anything that was placed on the table. The restaurant is rather small a few sits upstairs and downstairs with a busy take away counter providing the neighbourhood with healthy juices and tasty snacks!

Menu highlights included the Cannelloni made with Cultured Cashew roasted vegetables with a spinach and thyme cheese. No meat feast Pizza made on the signature walnut and herb butter base with cultured cashew and chipotle cheese, aubergine bacon and portobello sausages.

If your thinking of exploring a healthier diet without sacrificing taste or raw gastronomic creativity, Nama is the place to visit.

Raw Food dining London.jpg
Notting Hill restaurant.jpg
Raw food restaurant.jpg
Notting hill food blogger.jpg

Forgotten post whoops! I have lots of posts on drafts and this was one of them... However Rabbit is unforgettable. Located on Kings road in Chelsea Rabbit is the second restaurant from the Gladwin brothers after the hugely successful Shed restaurant in Notting Hill. Rabbit sees seasonal food that has been sustainably sourced... mainly from their family farm in Nutbourne, West Sussex. Perfect! 

The table highlight for me was the Grilled Harissa Aubergine with Sunflower seed butter, garden herbs and cinnamon dukkh, such a delicious dish, so flavoursome!!

This is the perfect restaurant for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters! Rarely you can eat out knowing that everything on your plate is fresh and sustainably sourced with talented chefs and hands on owners that care about wild British food


*Rabbit cater to vegans, best to ring before hand to enquire about menu choices


Farmacy had been on my 'must visit list' for a while so I jumped at the chance to visit it last weekend. This vegan restaurant is the go to hang out spot for yummy plant based meals and a uniquely large variety of cocktails... non alcoholic cocktails however all deliciously creative and healthy!

Located at 74 Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, this restaurant features earthy interiors, leafy clusters and minimal gold detailing. Wooden tables line the dining area with an attractive open view bar taking centre stage, home to a mixture of wine bottles, jars full of various nuts and natural proteins. While we waited for our drinks we watched the busy waiters behind the bar dicing up vegetables and concocting yummy health beverages such as the Berry Punch featuring a mix of raspberries, lemon juice, mint, ginger, strawberries, pineapple & grapefruit juice, Delicious! I also loved the sound of the Cool Beans cold brewed organic coffee, maca, dates, lucuma & cold pressed coconut oil with fresh almond milk the perfect beverage for a breakfast visit

The menu sees classic vegan dishes such as salads laden with seeds and avocado and of course the classic, a chunky bean burger. However this restaurant boasts a variety of more interesting dishes such as their Earth Bowls. I chose the Mexican bowl and was treated to serval different grains, thick dips and tasty beans not forgetting their crispy corn chips. I shared the Mezze for my starter, which left us pretty satisfied! It's lovely to visit somewhere vegan friendly and to be given a proper portion instead of charged the world and given an a la carte portion. I visited the restaurant with meat and fish lovers and didn't hear any complaints so was pleased to know this was a new foodie hang out that suited everyone.

I will be going back for sure 1. Because it's had the seal of approval by my friends and 2. Because I never got to try their puddings