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At the start of the month I visited the Phene with a special friend of mine. The pub sits on the corner of Phene street in Chelsea acting as the cool local for Chelsea kids and the go to place for people in the surrounding area. The interiors are cool, clean, sophisticated and inviting. Featuring comfy sofa like seating, kooky laden bookshelves, a eclectic scattering of mirrors and cool statement wallpapered walls. When visiting the pub you are most likely to find the majority of customers outside in their gorgeous garden anxiously waiting on seating to be vacated. Outside fairy lights weave through trees creating a dreamy and magical ambience, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of London living. The space is furnished with dark rattan furniture, white marble topped tables and a beautiful trellis arch flourishing with greenery.

The garden is surrounded by low walls and high trellises that are naturally decorated with thick greenery, creating a private but warm and relaxed vibe within. The Phene is the perfect modern day pub that ticks all the right boxes for me, providing a good menu, wide section of drinks all within a chilled and stylish space.

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