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For love of lemons

Wow we have been blessed with such a beautiful summer this year! Despite Britain normally not having a actual summer I actually have a larger spring summer wardrobe than rather than winter.

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Anyway there are quite a few trends I have been enjoying so I will try and get them up onto my blog or insta, however, this one is about lemons... Well more yellow but with a  shout out to lemons lol

This summer I have been loving yellow and sporting at any occasion I can. Bridal showers, weddings, visits to the park you name it. Usually, I gravitate towards block colours when shopping for clothing however last month at two weddings opted for print. && yes, one was floor length a yellow maxi with a floral design. 

Despite wearing block yellows and yellow with prints I have to comfess my love for the lemon print. Kinda kitsch I know but I love it!

Summer afternoons
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Despite loving the insanely hot weather we are having in London I really enjoy those cool late nights and wrapping up in a luxe jumper outside in the garden. Or in the flat with friends whilst drinking wine and annoying the neighbours with screaming and fits of laughter. So my knit drawers are still in use this summer and I have recently acquired this light cream number from zara which I'm soo in love with.

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Others knits I'm rather fond of....

Going Dotty Over Dots

How can I not go dotty over this trend?!?! Tbh it’s not a new trend and if I’m reallyyyy honest i’ve never been a huge huge fan of polka dots. Never hated the trend but didn’t really buy it too much. 

However things have changed. 😑 *purse cries*. This year we are seeing a lot more black dots on white fabric opposed to the normal white dots on black fabric and I’m loving it.

These dots also seem to be a lot larger than recent years giving a nod to 1950’s/1960's and all things girly with cinched in waists and flirty frills!! 

I’m also loving the new choice of fabric used to showcase the dots. The majority of pieces I’ve been looking at are made from light silks and chiffon’s all designed and tailored to highlight the a feminine form.


So below are some of my favourites from high street styles to designer investments


1. Saint Laurent  2. Uterque  3.  Accessorize  4. Gianvito Rossi   5. Alice Mccall  6 H&M   7. Common Projects  8. Alice  McCall  (IN THE SALE NOW) ... thank me later

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