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Summer Pretences

It's been day and night So heres another recap from my insta @nicolesaidblog. Just looking over my last posts Its ridiculous to see the change of weather and lighting, literally night and day. The majority of my photos are taken on my Iphone, so when it isn't a bright day I struggle to get a good photo that isn't grainy. Ive enjoyed bright early mornings from my bed accompanied with a good read and strong coffee. Walks through the local parks picking wild stems and displaying them at home. This past week I have dug back out a few cable knit jumpers and enjoyed sitting out in the garden with a glass of white with the sun making its way down and cool breeze pasting over face whilst enjoying Lana Del Reys lust for life. It's truly beautiful! Despite the chill I have been making the most of the sheer sight of the sun but hope to feel its warmth in the weeks to come... we shall see