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For love of lemons

Wow we have been blessed with such a beautiful summer this year! Despite Britain normally not having a actual summer I actually have a larger spring summer wardrobe than rather than winter.

Fashion trend blog.png

Anyway there are quite a few trends I have been enjoying so I will try and get them up onto my blog or insta, however, this one is about lemons... Well more yellow but with a  shout out to lemons lol

This summer I have been loving yellow and sporting at any occasion I can. Bridal showers, weddings, visits to the park you name it. Usually, I gravitate towards block colours when shopping for clothing however last month at two weddings opted for print. && yes, one was floor length a yellow maxi with a floral design. 

Despite wearing block yellows and yellow with prints I have to comfess my love for the lemon print. Kinda kitsch I know but I love it!